Helicopter sport FAI Rotorcraft commission (CIG)

2nd Czech Helicopter Open Championship

18. August 2016 to 21. August 2016

Total rank medals:

1st place: Alexander Zhuperin / Nikolay Burov (RUS)
2nd place: Elena Zhuperina / Nikolay Rodionov (RUS)
3rd place: Marcin Szamborski / Michal Szamborski (POL)

Junior junior positions:

(pilots up to 300 hours of total helicopter raid)

1st place: Aleksandr Sotnikov / Evgenia Zamula (RUS)
2nd place: Jaroslav Holub / Vladimir Chejnovsky (CZE)
3rd place: Marek Vaštak / Jan Hájek (CZE)

Republic Champions in Helicopter Flying:

Eduard Malina / Jakub Horacek

Junior Champions of the Republic in Helicopter Flying:

Jaroslav Holub / Vladimir Chejnovsky

Czech Helicopter Team
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