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Dog house

From WHC rules:

5.1.16 Dog House and Load Put Down.

The target is composed of two white 2 x 2 metre panels,assembled at an angle of 90 degrees, resting on the ground and forming two 45 degreeangles. The load-receiving hole is a 0.4 x 0.4 metre square, the centre of which is one metre above the ground. Only the hole facing the arrival direction will be valid for scoring. The crew member will, after crossing Line “F”, deploy a rope seven metres long, on the opposite side to the pilot, at the end of which a skittle will be attached. This is a timed manoeuvre. Maximum time between Line “F” and releasing the rope is 20 seconds. The rope must be fully extended and free of knots prior to crossing the line five metres short of the dog house. Hovering between Lines “F” and the Dog House (Line“C”) is permitted.

The rope must remain held at a grip at its end by the crewmember who must have both hands visible to the judges. Manoeuvering of the rope is allowed provided the rope is not shortened by any part of the body below the red flag. The crewmember will remain fastened and seated on his seat at all times. The crew must put the skittle into the square hole without touching the surface of the doghouse releasing the rope as soon as the exercise is finished. The doghouse open sides are not part of the roof. Time stops when rope is released. If the skittle is dropped in the box, penalty points will be incurred for every tenth of a second above 20 seconds from Line “F”. A skittle dropped outside box incurs 30 penalty points.

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