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Helicopter World Cup 2018 1st stage - Russia and Russian Open Helicopter Championship

18. May 2018 to 20. May 2018

Last week 2 helisport events were held in Russia, Konakovo:
- Russian Open Helicopter Championship, 16.05-18.05 - 31 crew from 4 countries (Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia)
- Helicopter World Cup-2018 1st stage, 19.05-20.05 (qualification flights on 18.05) - 23 crews from 4 countries: General class - 16 crews, Masters class - 23 crews.
Judges from 5 countries: Belarus, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia

Both events were successful and safe, full program of disciplines was completed.

HWC 1st stage results and notes
7 crews participated in Masters class only: best 6 crews according to WHC-2017 Final Ranking + Zhuperin Alexandr-Nikolay Burov (Russia) who made a decision to perform in Masters Class only during the 2018 year (see Rules item 6.3.1 Participants and classes).
All crews have valid FAI Sporting Licenses.
Chief Judge - Lothar Oehler (Germany), Chief Scorer - Irina Grushina (Russia)
It was not permitted for crew members to stand with one foot on the skid or on the footboard.
Due to large number of participants, shortage of time and changeable weather the crews performed only 1 flight for qualification. As a result several strong crews stopped at this stage in Slalom and were not qualified for 1/4 finals. This fact has added intrigue to the competition in Masters Class. For Organizers of next HWC stages: it's better to give 2 or 3 qualifying attempts for the crews.
In all 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, 3-4 places and finals the crews competed for 2 victories (2 or 3 flights).
The decision of CIG FAI to compete in 2 classes justified itself. The results are enclosed. Participants from all 4 countries won medals in General class:
Belarus - 1 gold
Russia - 1 gold
Poland - 1 silver + 1 bronze
Ukraine - 1 silver + 1 bronze

In total ranking in General class (sum of Slalom and Fender):
1 place - Deregus Mikola - Dovzhenko Oleksandr (Ukraine)
2 place - Mus Maria - Malec Jacub (Poland)
3 place - Szamborski Marcin - Szamborski Michal (Poland)

In total ranking in Masters class (sum of Slalom and Fender):
1 place - Yablokov Yury - Podoinitsyn Konstantin (Russia)
2 place - Laptseu Mikita - Kurs Uladzislau. (Belarus)
3 place - Orekhov Andrey - Sazonov Vadim (Russia)

We all strongly hope to meet our friends - crews from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, UK, China, Japan, France, Belgium, Czech, Italy, Canada - in UK, Poland and Belarus HWC stages. Join Helicopter World Cup, and you will enjoy it)))

Russian Open
The crews competed in 4 disciplines according to the new Rules approved by CIG FAI.
Chief Judge - Anatoly Ulanov (Russia), Deputy Chief Judge - Olga Sheveleva (Belarus)
Event Director - Irina Grushina
It was a good experience and rehearsal for all crews and judges for 16th WHC in Belarus.
Lothar Oehler, who will be the Chief Judge of 16th WHC, and Olga Sheveleva, who will be the Deputy Chief Judge, tested judging sheets and instructions for the judges in action. Small corrections and improvements will be made.

Judging was fair and on the high level. There were few complaints and no protests. Loggers were used in Navigation (no complaints in Navigation!). There were no judges on TPs, only on Search Box Entrance and Exit (4 persons). It saved time in the morning before the event started.

Pictures by Natalia Sotnikova are available on DropBox:


Russian Helicopter Team
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