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Slalom is one of the most spectacular helicopter events. A bucket full of water is held on a 5 meter rope by the crewman out of site of the pilot, the object is to fly the bucket through a course 200 meters long by 120 meters wide containing 12 gates in total in 3 minutes 20 seconds time..

The challenge starts at the indicated line. Empty 3 kilo bucket lies on the ground. After the sign is given a helicopter sets off toward the barrel full of water to fill the bucket as soon as possible. The rope is extended to 5 meters afterward the flight might be proceed to the first gate direction. The gates are 2 metres high by 1 metre wide and their placing is clearly defined in the regulations. The 12 gates are flown consecutively and the pilot should avoid hitting the gates to ensure there are no penalties. The direction the pilot flies through the gates is released the day before the event. After flying all the gates, the co-pilot extends the rope to 11 metres to approach the target table, which from that distance is difficult to see. Penalties are incurred for missing or hitting the gates, losing water from the bucket, inaccurate placement on the table and not completing the course in the right time.

In order to increase the attractiveness for the public, a similar event is organized for two aircrafts simultaneously. Crews are supposed to fly through 6 instead of 12 gates and a fender, which is meant to be located in the barrel, replaces the bucket. Such racing however is not classified by FAI and is not included in general ranking.

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