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British Helicopter Team

Team information

Updated date: 9. June 2017

Final Scores:


1st Yury Yablokov & Konstantin Podoinitsyn (Russia)
2nd Andrey Orekhov & Vadim Sazonov (Russia)
3rd Alexander Tsenter & Vladimir Striyonock (Belarus)


1st Yury...

Updated date: 8. July 2018

Helicopter World Cup-2018 2nd stage was successfully held in UK, 14.06-16.06.18.

14 crews from 4 countries - Germany, Poland, Russia, UK - took part in the competition: General class - 9 crews, Masters class - 14 crews.

Judges from...

14. June 2018 to 16. June 2018
Updated date: 7. July 2018
1. June 2017 to 4. June 2017
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