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17. Kwiecień 2017

An international Russian-Polish crew plans to perform round-the-world flight in April-June, 2017.

Start - 7th of April, Friday, 2017, 10:00 LT from Konakovo, Russia


Pilots - Maxim Sotnikov (Russia), Marcin Szamborski (Poland)

Crew - Natalia Sotnikova (Russia)

            Mikhail Movshin (Russia) will change Natalia during over Atlantic ocean flight

Helicopter - Bell-407

Main missions of the flight:

• Friendship between nations through sport

• Promotion of the Helicopter Sports in the world

• Visit airfields in Europe, Canada, Russia  to meet pilots, helicopter teams, friends from countries participating in the helicopter sport competitions

• To set a FAI record (speed over a recognized course) on the first leg - Russia-Poland (Konakovo-Warsaw)

• Flight is also dedicated to several historical dates:

            - the 50th anniversary of the first record nonstop flight across the Atlantic of 2 Sikorsky HH-3E Sea King (S-61) helicopters (01.06.1967) - current FAI records NN 2091, 2092 (speed over a recognized course)

            - the 70th anniversary of Moscow Helicopter Plant (Mil) (12.12.1947)

            - the 70th anniversary of first Kamov helicopter flight - Kamov-8 (12.11.1947)

            - the 65th anniversary of first serial manufacturing of Mil-1 helicopter (1952)

Russian Helicopter Team
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